The complete Service Management System

RMB Service Management for call centers, RMAs, work orders, quotes, parts orders, shipping, and more.

Complete Service Management System

For all your service-related processes, from the call to the conclusion.

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Data Integration and Consolidation

Combine or replace your existing service-related databases and spreadsheets into a single user interface, fully integrated with ERP

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Intuitive Data Entry and Analytics

Control data entry with an intelligent and user-customizable interface.

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Service is important for containing costs and satisfying our clients, but you claim that upgrading our service organizations can also turn them into potential profit centers. How?

Research from Aberdeen Group shows that best-in-class service organizations see average customer profit margins that are 8.5 percent higher than industry laggards, and 11 percent higher customer retention levels. Clunky custom systems, spreadsheets, and scripted responses increase customer effort levels and decrease customer loyalty. Executives can therefore no longer dismiss service as a non-strategic aspect of the operation.

What are some examples of companies you have helped improve efficiency, and how successful were those efforts?

Here are three examples:

  • We helped Landoll Corporation, a multi-million dollar manufacturer of heavy equipment, reduce warranty claims by 75 percent and reduce labor costs by 80 percent.
  • Refrigeration equipment manufacturer and distributor Hussmann’s Mexico operation saw an 80-percent increase in sales orders and a 100-percent increase in their sales conversion rate after upgrading to Service Management.
  • After working with RMB Solutions, Hartzell Propeller saw a 65-percent improvement in in-service call resolution.

How can we be confident you will fully understand our company’s terminology, processes and systems before implementing a Service Management solution?

Our past performance speaks for itself. The project leader for implementation at one client, for example, said, “The RMB Solutions Professional Services team spent many, many hours understanding our business before starting implementation.”