Our Company

The nation's leader in electronic asset protection for business

Innovolt’s solutions platform combines patented protection technology with comprehensive monitoring and analytics software to help companies safeguard and optimize the performance, productivity, and usable life of the electronics that power today’s digital world.  As the first company to provide complete power protection and asset management software, we solve a host of unique problems that most businesses and consumers are not aware of but are paying for through shortened electronics lifespan and decreased product reliability. 

Our proven solutions help customers of every size guard expensive and sensitive technology, while giving businesses the tools they need to predict, measure, and maximize the performance of assets across the distributed enterprise. From our microprocessor technology to our cloud-based management software, we offer the complete solution for sophisticated electronics management. 

Our Origins 

Born from the industry's brightest minds in grid and power protection, Innovolt provides microprocessor-based algorithms that were perfected at the world-renowned laboratories of the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, Georgia.  Since that time, we have rapidly grown our offering and have a substantial portfolio of intellectual property, copyrights and patents related to our unique expertise in ensuring the performance of electronic assets.  These unique, adaptable algorithms deliver unmatched capabilities that enable unprecedented control of electronics.

Our Mission

Innovolt provides power protection technologies and analytics capabilities that help customers increase the uptime and lower the service costs of their electronic equipment.

Looking Ahead

We continue to innovate and expand our offering to benefit our customers. Whether releasing new deployment options or updating applications through our Management Cloud solution, we're committed to providing the industry’s best solution for the monitoring, analysis and management of your electronics environment.