Data Integration and Consolidation

Save Time and Money with All Your Data in a Single Place

Most manufacturers today are relying on labor-intensive spreadsheets, disparate databases or paper to manage Service departments. Duplicate data entry wastes time and money.

Manual methods slow companies down and key metrics are extremely difficult to gather. Many manufacturers are unable to accurately assess their warrantee expense or service contract profitability.

RMB Service Management (SM) requires no duplicate data entry

Existing data from various databases and spreadsheets can easily be imported into or included in SM, eliminating the need for repetitive and often inconsistent data entry.

Because SM has APIs for seamless ERP integration, all frontline workers have a single interface from which to consult and work. You can create tickets, RMAs, Work Orders, Manufacturing Orders, Purchase Orders, Sales Orders, Credit Memos, Shipment invoices, update inventory, and send information to administration, all from a single location, all digitally.

With fewer manual processes, we are much more scalable. Our service orders have increased by 80% and yet we have the same number of employees working in the call center handling the vastly increased volume of orders.

Cesar Badillo
Project Leader