The Complete Service Management System

The complete Service Management System for Call Centers

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CSR or Support Techs can see Warranty Coverage at a glance, then...

  • Record the call
  • Create a Part Sales Order
  • Create a Service Order
  • Create a credit memo
  • Create an RMA

... all from one integrated system.

The complete Service Management System for Repair Depot (RMA Process)

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Receiving clerk can receive defective part/product from customer (in integrated or non-integrated warehouse – with no need to mix customer and company assets.

The task is routed to the repair department electronically - technicians can select next task by priority (turn around time) or supervisor can schedule and assign. RMB's Service Management System supports both centralized and decentralized scheduling.

The complete Service Management System for Resource Management

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  • Utilize standard work orders and/or manufacturing orders
  • Utilize multiple templates or item process records
  • Manage loaners, advance replacement, and refurbishment stock
  • Record failure information for analysis
  • Costs broken down by labor, stocked parts, non-stocked parts, services, and expenses
  • Integration with quotation module and supports quote revisions
  • Unlimited work order structure (parent/child) for complex operations

The complete Service Management System for Field Service

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  • Mobile device access
  • Resource management
  • Deliver parts and labor on-site and on-time
  • Manage multiple warehouses and labor resources
  • Integrated with quotation module and order entry
  • All costs associated with repair accurately tracked and documented for future use

Sophisticated Capabilities for Managing even Complex Projects

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  • Project management/manufacturing for installation, services, parts required for large projects
  • Parent/child relationships all managed

Streamlined and Automated Third Party Claim Support

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  • Third party claim submissions via web
  • Electronic approval
  • Credit memo creation
  • Disposition notification to third party
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